Chiplevel Laptop Repairing

Mahalaxmi Computers is providing a cost effective computer repair service. We are a Lucknow based company and provide support to both locally and state level based companies. We also provide extensive residential support both at our office and on location if required. We can help you leverage your investment in computers and infrastructure through our proven and responsive solutions that repeatedly lead to reduced costs, improved system stability and enhanced satisfaction.

We also provide all Laptop / Notebook Accessories & Parts of major brands. Like Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Samsung, Asus, BenQ, MSI, LG, Gigabyte, etc.

Our effciency is almost 100%. We have much experience in laptop motherboards repairing. We are experts in laptop motherboards repairing as we solve many critical problems which are very hard to understand by other experienced technicians also.